Fight Insurance Adjuster Arbitrary Comparative Fault Assignment By Hiring a Car Accident Attorney Law Firm

Don't Let The Car Accident Adjuster Put Partial Blame On You. Hire A Traffic Collision Attorney

Injured in a car accident and dealing with the insurance adjuster is no fun, especially if the adjuster is trying to partially blame you for a clear-cut accident. When you are involved in a traffic collision in California, the rules of comparative fault apply. This means that the jury can ultimately assign a percentage of fault to each party involved in the automobile crash. Even if you don't believe you bear any responsibility, the jury can assign you a percentage of fault by applying the rules of the road with standards of reasonable care. So what does having a percentage of comparative fault mean for your financial recovery The answer is simple. A party's financial award is reduced by the percentage of fault that they are assigned. Unfortunately, some insurance adjusters abuse claimants by arbitrarily assigning a percentage of fault in order to reduce the payout on a claim. When they do, claimants get short-changed on their property damage reimbursement and bodily injury claim. Do not let yourself fall victim and be forced to compromise if you believe you bear no responsibility. Instead, contact Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer in Claremont, Ontario, Orange, Riverside, Glendora for further guidance.

Don't Let The Car Accident Adjuster Put Partial Blame On You. Hire A Traffic Collision Attorney

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